Meth Possession Lands Man in Prison

A Michigan man charged with making meth earlier this year was also sentenced for possession this week, which is a 10-year offense. Mitchell Alan Bolenbaugh and co-defendant Russel Gibler had a small amount of the drug and materials for making more. The former was previously charged with operating a meth lab, which is a 20-year-felony.

Methamphetamine, generic name methamphetamine hydrochloride and brand name Desoxyn, when used legitimately via prescription is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obesity. When this drug, also call crystal meth, is manufactured illegally in a lab, it is made from relatively inexpensive over-the-counter ingredients such as pseudoephedrine, found in cold medications. Alternative manufacturing processes use a chemical called P2P.

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Methamphetamine Addiction

Meth addiction flourishes as it can be made from other readily available chemicals as well. Illegal meth production also uses other hazardous ingredients like acetone, fertilizer, ether, phosphorus, and lithium. These toxic chemicals can leave a residue behind in a meth lab and contaminate the environment, causing damaging effects to health. People with a meth addiction who continually ingest these toxins damage their health severely. Meth addiction leads to other addictions as well, such as alcohol to bring a person down from the intense stimulation meth causes.

Addiction and abuse to meth occurs when brain changes occur with repeated use. Meth releases high levels of Adrenalin, a naturally produced hormone. Normally adrenaline is produced in small amounts in reaction to stress or danger. Whether naturally or artificially produced, adrenaline increases energy and alertness. The difference between meth and naturally produced Adrenalin is the natural one quickly clears from the system and the body recovers. Meth can last 6 to 8 hours or longer and repeated doses give the body no chance to clear Adrenalin or recover from its effects. Meth also releases artificially high levels of dopamine, which gives the intense rush of euphoria meth abusers get when using the drug.


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