Grand Rapids MDMA Treatment

Any time a street drug of unknown potency, and another substance, illegal or not, are mixed, the dangers increase substantially. Additionally, first-time users can never know what their reaction is going to be, especially to a drug with two types of components, as MDMA has been a stimulant and a psychedelic all in one. Grand Rapids MDMA treatment centers help treat individuals who find themselves addicted to MDMA.

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Why is MDMA Addictive?

MDMA produces its euphoric effects by acting on the same brain regions as hard-core drugs. While not many studies exist to conclusively establish the level of addictiveness that MDMA comes with, the drug is suspected to be somewhat less addictive than other drugs.

When a person attempts to quit using MDMA, the withdrawal symptoms usually start within 12 hours of the last dose taken. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, hallucinations, fatigue, nightmares and seizures.

While it is possible to taper off MDMA at home over a period of several weeks, it is important remember that psychological dependence can be very difficult to overcome. People attempting to quit the drug at home often simply give in to the cravings. Treatment at a professional facility is highly recommended. Not only do professional rehab centers offer competent detoxification, the offer the therapeutic intervention that is essential for long-term sobriety, as well.

Effects of Use

While MDMA can be highly dangerous in combination with other drugs, users often inadvertently take MDMA cocktails when drug pushers mix them into capsules for added effect. Combining MDMA with another stimulant such as cocaine, for instance, can result in blood pressure raised to levels high enough to cause cardiac arrest.

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