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Alcohol and drug abuse are the most popular methods of escape from stress, pain, and worry. But these substances provide only temporary relief and the long-term effects can be devastating. When dependence leads to alcoholism or compulsive drug seeking and consumption, addiction becomes a way of life fraught with fears of illness, drug overdose, and loss of everything. There is good news for those already battling addiction. Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers Grand Rapids provide viable solutions in the way of assisting addicts to find rehab facilities that meet their needs. Call us today and begin your addiction recovery journey with our help 616-828-4790.

Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers Grand Rapids is ready to be your sounding board. We can inform you on what to expect when entering a rehab facility, while also assisting you in finding the rehab facility.

Since addiction affects all aspects of a person's life including their loved ones, these individuals must also be given the option to participate in the treatment process whenever it is evident that their involvement would be beneficial to the patient's recovery process.

Another crucial element in the treatment process is identifying underlying mental disorders that impact addiction. It is therefore essential that rehabilitation services have built in processes that identify and treat co-occurring issues concurrently with chemical dependencies. As such, dual diagnosis treatment is a highly specialized but critical component to any addiction intervention program.

Dual Diagnosis

It is not uncommon to find that people suffering from substance abuse problems are also be dealing with a mental illness such as depression, bipolar disease or post-traumatic stress disorder. Addiction clinicians pay special attention to these underlying issues that have been shown in numerous studies to have a significant bearing on recidivism rates. The dual diagnosis treatment process entails ongoing analysis and reevaluation as the patient progress through their treatment program.

Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers offer a continuum of care that entails:

  • Physical and psychological evaluations
  • Medically monitored detoxification
  • Pharmacological interventions
  • Individual, group and family Counseling
  • Holistic and Traditional Therapeutic processes
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Education and Training
  • Sober Living Community
  • Aftercare assistance

Grand Rapid residents have the option to overcome participate in Inpatient medical detox, short or long term residential, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. Drug Treatment Centers Grand Rapids provide addicts with the information needed to find a center for addiction recovery.

About Grand Rapids

Not many cities in America can boast of being a friendly big city, with a small-town ambiance and the thrill and excitement of Grand Rapids. It is located on the Grand River in the state of Michigan. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in the state with a growing population of 192,294 recorded in the 2013 census. Grand Rapids is a thriving art and cultural community that once held the title as the furniture capital of the world. One of its most popular museums is dedicated to Gerald R. Ford, a former U.S. President. The museum's interactive exhibits transport visitors to the White House and the 1976 Republican National Convention. No visit to Grand Rapids, however, is complete without a trip to the Frederik Meijer Gardens, which just happens to be the state's largest tropical conservatory and a magical wonderland of woodlands and over 100 bronze statues by famous artists such as a 24-foot bronze horse designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

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